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Top Websites Builder in USA: 20+ Platforms to Check Out

Looking for some excellent, easy to use, affordable and top websites builder? Here are 20+ ecommerce platforms in USA to check out!

 So, you have decided to build an amazing, responsive, and professional-looking site all by yourself? That’s great.

Creating a website has never been easier, thanks to the websites builders.

In this article, we will present to you the top websites builders in USA:


  1. Squarespace – This is a very popular and incredibly well-designed platform. There is a qualified and experienced team that is responsible for the amazing templates this builder offers. The templates are minimal, clean, and fresh.
  2. Weebly – Another popular and easy-to-use platform. This is a highly recommended platform for beginners and anyone who doesn’t feel tech savvy. Weebly is also known as one of the most flexible website builders on the market.
  3. Strikingly – Most website builders can’t really create one-page websites, however, Strikingly is different. It has an intuitive sections editor which is perfect for creating one-page websites.
  4. Wix – A drag-and-drop website builder meaning you can drag any element anywhere you want on your website, just like a PowerPoint presentation.
  5. Voog – This is the best and probably the most popular multi-lingual website builder. They have an excellent system that lets you create different versions of every page for different languages.
  6. – This is not WordPress. Even though is built using it is not the same thing. is an open-source CMS or content management system while is an ecommerce website builder.
  7. ZohoSites – An easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder with ordinary features. Its best feature is the form builder which allows advanced rules and routing.
  8. XPRS – The interface for XPRS is modern and incredibly fascinating, however, it is a bit complicated to use. It will take some time to get used to its options. There are a lot of forms and icons floating around.
  9. Ucraft – This is a very popular block-based website builder which allows you to build pages by adding blocks vertically.
  10. Webstarts – This is a blank canvas ecommerce site editors and allows you to drag elements anywhere on the page.
  11. uKit – Once you’ll start using this website builder you will discover that everything is so simple and easy. This builder is so intuitive and thoughtful.
  12. SnapPages – One of the things that impress us about this website builder is that they keep pushing new releases, updates, and features. You must check this website builder out.
  13. DudaOne – This website builder may seem confusing at the start, but we can promise you that once you will learn how it works, you will have no problem creating the perfect website.
  14. Cindr – The websites are created by adding blocks of content on one another.
  15. Moonfruit – This website builder has recently launched a new editor and the new one is relatively easier than the old one.
  16. GoDaddy – A very simple and user-friendly website builder. With this platform you can create a website quickly, however, there are some limitations that you may found frustrating.
  17. Webnode – A usable website editor that offers basic elements. There are 60+ themes, however, not all themes can be customized.
  18. 1&1 – This is actually the same website builder as DudaOne. Keep one thing in mind – their web-based cancellation is disabled in the first month.
  19. Yola – This is an expensive website builder and you don’t get much for what you pay for. It is a simpler website builder but there are some key features missing.
  20. Jimdo – The templates are a little bit outdated, however, besides this, you will have no problem creating your own site.
  21. SiteZulu – A simple website builder & editor.
  22. Vistaprint – A great website builder with a simpler and clear interface.


Which ecommerce websites builder are you going to use?


Another important topic is that of SEO and in the following post you will find the best on this subject.



What is The Best Ecommerce Solutions Provider for SEO


Wondering what is the best or most suitable ecommerce solutions provider for SEO? Read this article and find out everything you need to know!

 If you are one of those people asking what is the best ecommerce solutions provider for SEO or Search Engine Optimization, here is the truth – there isn’t a best one and don’t believe anyone who tells you differently.

Choosing between Squarespace, Weebly or Wix will have absolutely no material impact on your SEO strategies. Yes, it is true that there are some technical SEO features that a website builder should offer, however, most website builders and ecommerce solutions already cover these features.


We have listed some of the most important SEO features you need to look for in a website builder. You should think of them as crucial and the minimum you need to get Google and other search engines to notice you and your site. You will also need quality content and links to outperform your rivals.


  • Mobile-friendly templates – Google had two essential indexes – desktop and mobile. The first index or the desktop index served to desktop users only while the mobile index served to all mobile users. However, this has changed. From this year or 2018, the mobile index was being rolled out which means that from now on, the mobile index is the primary index. In other words, how your website works on mobile will strongly impact your desktop website ranks. It is super important that your ecommerce solutions provider offers mobile-friendly templates.
  • Customizable titles, meta titles & descriptions – Every page has its own title, meta title, and description. Almost all website builders and ecommerce solution providers allow you to customize your meta title, as well as, description, however, because it is so important, you should make sure that is easy for you to do. Avoid complications as that will only confuse you and your visitors.
  • The importance of SSL certificate – The SSL certificate gives your website a secure icon in the search browser. Google already announced the SSL certificate as a ranking signal and when Google announces that something is a ranking signal, it is necessary and recommendable to implement it. Aside from your SEO strategy, the SSlLcertificate is a good practice for all new websites and an important element for all ecommerce websites. Usually, most ecommerce solutions providers include SSL in premium plans, however, there are some who offer it for free, so it is a good idea to check exactly what they offer before you decide to use a certain website builder.
  • Performance – Google says that website speed is a signal they use to rank pages and websites. The website builders or ecommerce solutions providers usually handle millions of websites and they tend to have the system necessary to have your site optimized for an ultimate performance – especially the most popular website builders such as ecommerce solution Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and others. They host millions of websites. If you want to check your website performance, you can use the two best tools – and Google Page Speed Insights.


These 4 features will help you choose the best ecommerce solutions provider for your website. The best ecommerce website builders we would like to recommend to you are Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix,, Ucraft, Webstarts, SnapPages, and GoDaddy.


For those looking for a simple and easy-to-use website builder, we highly recommend you Weebly. This site builder manages to keep everything under a control without complicating things with unnecessary features. If you don’t feel tech-savvy, we recommend this website builder to you and anyone else.


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