6 Best E-Commerce Website Builders For Your Online Store

Looking to start an online store? Then if you want to avoid over $5,000 in hiring freelance web designers, an e-commerce website builder is the perfect choice for you. For as little as $29 per month, you will get a robust website fitted with absolutely everything you need to run a successful store. Below is a list of the most competent and reputable website builders:


Shopify is your one-stop shop for all things e-commerce. Having generated over $60 billion with the over 800,000 online store owners that it serves, you cannot go wrong with Shopify. If you are in photography, music, or any field in the creative industry, Shopify is the best choice for you. They offer 10 and over 60 paid templates for your site, all of which are mobile-responsive, vibrant and allow you to be as intuitive as possible.

If you love coding, you can further customize your chosen template using their coding language, Liquid. Not to worry if you may not have plenty of tech expertise, as their user interface is friendly and easy to navigate. You add your products along with all their specs with a few simple clicks. If SEO is a significant priority for you, then Shopify’s inbuilt SEO features have got you covered. In addition to SEO, they have an app store with hundreds of apps for you to install, if you would like to extend your storefront with features like inventory management, reports generation and shipping management. Shopify generally is an excellent site-building service.

Wix for e-Commerce

With over 77 million users across 190 countries, Wix is another great website builder where no coding expertise is required. You get to start your site in literally less than 20 minutes. What stands out most is the vibrant, stunning nature of their templates. They have tons of templates to get you started, and if creating a unique, beautiful site that shows off your creative site is your priority, then Wix is the best option for you. Wix is also user-friendly and provides hundreds of plug-ins for you to integrate with your storefront for better functionality.

If you are going to make sales worth over $300, then you will need to upgrade to Wix’s premium plan; the $25/month plan works just fine. This plan gives you access to priority customer support and unlimited bandwidth. Their only catch is a somewhat sluggish customer support system. Lack of 24/7 live chat keeps you at risk of incurring massive losses in case your support ticket is not handled fast enough.

WooCommerce and WordPress

If you already have a running site on WordPress and are looking to extend some e-commerce functionality to it, then WooCommerce is perfect for you. If you do not have a website, then WordPress will create and manage the site for you, while WooCommerce is the e-Commerce platform. The WordPress/WooCommerce combination offers you hundreds of free and paid themes and plug-ins for site customization. WordPress/WooCommerce user-friendly and practically free, but the plug-ins you may need to extend your store’s functionality come at a cost.

Moreover, getting additional emails for your site may cost you an extra $50 per year, but a web developer can tinker with your domain’s MX records to fix that. Plus, if you want a theme that is better-looking, more professional and more secure, it is recommended to shift to a paid theme. Otherwise, if you are okay with hiring an expert to handle the tech aspect, WordPress/WooCommerce is a popular, great e-commerce website solution.


Magento stands out most from this list of e-commerce website builders. For starters, it is self-hosted, meaning that you will need to install it on your own domain that is hosted by another company.  It is also open source, which grants you access to its code; you can manipulate it; however, you want for it to suit your needs. This gives you the ability to customize your site entirely.

If you have coding expertise and would like to code your site from scratch, then Magento is perfect for you. However, it may be rather unfriendly if you do not have tech expertise, and you will need to hire a web developer and designer to make it function without glitches. Magento offers you many great free and paid themes if you do not want to code from scratch.  Customer support is somewhat unreliable here, and if your site runs with Magento, you might want to have a web developer on standby in case of any glitches.


If presenting your products in an appealing, professional way is a priority for you, then Volusion is the best site builder for your business. Volusion offers you the best e-commerce solutions for an impressive product presentation. Their selection of site templates is simple, clean and elegant. Volusion is perfect for stores dealing in physical goods so that customers easily browse through your products. Among the features integrated with your site if you choose Volusion will be e-mail marketing, SEO, convenient online payments processing, and daily website backups for your peace of mind. For as little as $15, you get access to these features and many others.


Another excellent website builder with notable clients like Rogue American Apparel and US Patriot Tactical, BigCommerce works well for both beginners and veterans. With BigCommerce, you get to start your store in minutes. The most significant advantage of BigCommerce is the number of extended features already ingrained in your default store. Unlike other site builders where you may have to purchase plug-ins for extended functionality, BigCommerce sites already cater for most of your crucial functions; inventory management, accounting, report generation, etc. in addition to their inbuilt features, their app store has tons of apps for you to further integrate with your store. BigCommerce’s seven free and over fifty paid themes give your site a professional, laid-back look.


Above are six most reputable website builders to help you start your online venture. You cannot go wrong with any, but for better decision-making, weigh your priorities, budget and industry requirements to reap the most benefits from them.



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