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5 Best Online Schools to Get Your Real Estate License 2019

Online real estate schools offer easily accessible and web-based classes, designed to help real estate agents pass their real estate licensing exam and gain education credits.

We analyzed, reviewed, and compared online real estate schools and rounded up the best five based on availability, price, study aids, coursework, and success rate.

#1. Real Estate Express: The Best Online Real Estate School

Real Estate Express is an online school that stands out for its professional approach to real estate agent license. It is super affordable and provide students with career information before the official real estate exam and offer guidance on how to make the best of the real estate market. This school is the best option for anyone looking for affordable classes and career guidance.

The pricing varies depending on your state and usually ranges from $389 to $649. The classes include pre-licensing training with real estate agent exam prep.

It is the only school that offers students the tools to explore the real estate industry before they register and take the exam. Once a student decides to move ahead, the school moves them through an exam prep and pre-licensing education. The laws or real estate, real estate contracts, and finance are some of the topics covered in the classes. Because all of the courses are high-quality, Real Estate Express boasts high satisfaction guarantees.

You can learn more about the real estate school offerings, their money-back guarantee, and promos on their website.

#2. Kaplan: Best Online School for Instructor-Led Courses

Kaplan is another great option when looking for a place to take your real estate license online. The school offers instructor-led courses to help new agents study for their exam or broker license.

Their courses coupled with onsite classes make it perfect for new real estate agents who are looking for a more traditional education model.

When it comes to pricing, it is competitive and usually dependent on the state you are in. The cost for coursework for online videos in California is $399 and for instructor-led and live courses is $549. Texas is also an affordable option at $429 for online video real estate classes.

Kaplan is a reliable and highly trusted school. The biggest benefit is the opportunity to learn from a real agent with sales experience. There are various classes including Property Management, Real Estate Law, Marketing and Sales 101, and much more.

#3. 360 Training: Best for Professionals Seeking Refresher Online Courses

Online Courses

360 is an online training website with courses designed for real estate professionals including broker assistants and office managers who want to explore specific real estate concepts before taking their licensing exam. This school is best for potential agents with industry experience who need help with only a few concepts or subjects before taking the exam.

With pricing at $79, 360 Training is affordable id you need a subject-specific course. If you need a full pre-license class, the cost varies depending on your state.

The school offers hundreds of courses that cover topics from finance to human resources. Because of the real estate online course specificity, the school can be used for continuing education or exam prep. The courses are listed by state and cover subjects like fair housing, taxes, and brokerage administration.

Considering the fact that it offers subject-specific courses, it is the least able of all schools to offer support to people who want to become real estate agents. Most people reported a great learning experience with the material offered.

If you want to learn more about the real estate course offerings or discounts, make sure to check their official website.

#4. Center for Realtor Development: Best for Specialty Certifications and Designations

CRD or Center for Realtor Development is an online real estate school focused on providing post-real estate agent license courses for niche market designations and certifications. All courses are endorsed by the NAR. This school is ideal for real estate agents who want to target new markets with certifications ranging from military relocation to green real estate.

The courses at CRD range from $100-$700, depending on the state. Membership in the NAR or National Association of Realtors is required. The dues for the NAR are $150 per year.

The school focuses on continuing education and certifications for real estate agents who want to work with audiences like unique properties. There are certificates in areas like negotiation, diversity, green housing, and military relocation.

CRD gains professionalism and credibility as a real estate school from their close relationship with the NAR. To help share the up-to-date information with real estate agents, the school covers topics in online podcasts, for example, how to work with lenders, how to plan a social media strategy, how to explore different markets, etc.

According to the reviews on Facebook, real estate agents love the career advancement choices and the diversity offered by CRD real estate school. The presentations and selection of classes are a hit with brokers and agents.

#5. OnCourse Learning: Best School for Group Exam Preparation

OnCourse Learning is a school that focuses on group-based real estate courses for brokerages and agencies. It is unique because they offer brokers a solution that includes both reporting and marketing materials for groups of potential agents.

When it comes to pricing, it is considered moderate and affordable. The price varies by state, starting at $157 and goes up to $566. There is a broker pre-license package that starts at $299 and includes five classes. On their website, you can find 25% discount promo codes.

OnCourse Learning also offers continuing education classes, however, the subject matter is focused on broker-specific material and popular topics like management.

Real estate schools allow future agents to find out more about the real estate industry, complete real estate courses, and get special certifications. These five schools can help you move forward in every phase of your career as a real estate agent.

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