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10 Proven Strategies to Generate More Real Estate Leads

If you are an agent who wants to generate leads for your real estate business, you know you must reinvest your commissions into marketing. Without a plan, the chances of you achieving your goals are quite low.

Whether you are just a beginner or you are a seasoned real estate agent, you know that the competition for clients is brutal. But don’t worry because this guide is created to help you generate leads for your business – no matter what your experience is in marketing.

No matter how difficult it seems to succeed as a real estate agent, be patient and don’t give up. Stick with our strategies and in no time you will have everything you need to generate real estate leads and dominate your zip code.

#1. Wake Up Early

Wake up before anyone else so you can plan your day and organize everything. If most agents sleep eight hours and you sleep six, those extra two hours are 30 days more productivity each year. In other words, you can give yourself a month’s head start on your competitors.

#2. Call Clients and Set Meetings

It is important to speak with your clients, prospects, and referral sources over the phone each week. Set up your schedule each morning to make these calls. That’s way they won’t get shuffled to the side if something more important comes.

Another important thing you need to do is set meetings with potential clients and referral courses every week. It is best if you schedule set ways each week to stay organized.

#3. Have Your Lunch and Coffee Meetings At The Same Place

The next strategy to generate real estate leads for agents is to have your lunch or coffee meetings at the same place. Instead of meeting different people at different places on different days, why not meet all of them on the same day, at the same place, one after another?

All you need to do is strategically schedule these meetings so each party can benefit. As one meeting ends, you can introduce the departing party to your next guest.

If you are meeting a client at 10 a.m and a financial planner at noon, as your first appointment ends, introduce your client to your financial planner. You can all benefit from the introductions.

Also, the wait staff and the manager will learn your name and give you the best tablets which will intrigue your guests and give them a feeling that you are important in the community.

#4. Talk to Divorce Attorneys

Let’s face it – we all know people are getting divorced. Ask them to rank the attorney they use on a scale of 1-10 and set a meeting with the attorneys ranked nine or higher. Talk with these attorneys and see if you can arrange a partnership. The attorney can recommend you clients and you can return the favor one day.

#5. Introduce Your Life Insurance Agent

Life insurance agents meet with a lot of people every day. Not only are they are aware of their clients’ financial situation, but the best ones also know their clients’ personal and financial plans, for example when they plan to sell or buy a house.

After each closing, you can arrange a meeting with your client and life insurance agent to review coverage.

#6. Discover The Best Wealth Managers and Financial Planners In Your Market

If your client sells his house and walks away with a large sum of money, he will need guidance on what to do with the money. This is an opportunity to show that you care for your client and want him to end up in good hands and a chance to generate more real estate agent leads.


Did you know that one-third of workers are at risk of falling short on their pension savings targets?

To help your clients, find out who the best financial planners are and get to know them.

Building relationships with financial planners will pay huge dividends for you. Their clients trust them with their savings and they will definitely trust the planner’s suggestion on a real estate agent.

#7. Host Happy Hours and Invite Past Clients

Host a happy hour night with your financial planner and invite people who you can introduce. The financial planner should do the same and the result will be a room full of people who have done business with you which is a win-win for everyone.

#8. Advertise Through Zillow

You can get a lot of real estate leads online through Zillow. But it is important to call your potential leads within a few minutes of receipt. Zillow is a primary lead generation platform. If you plan to advertise your real estate business, ask clients to rate their experience. If you have a good rating, the buyer won’t hesitate to call you or use your services.

#9. Create Your Own Website

Most people you meet will search for your business online. Having a well-designed and user-friendly website will help legitimize your real estate business in the eyes of potential clients.

Make sure your website is responsive and loads fast. No one will stay on a website that loads slow. Add beautiful and high-quality photos of your properties.

#10. Add a “Coming Soon” Sign Before Listing a Property

The sign will generate buzz and get the word out. It is a great strategy to attract attention and hopefully new potential clients.

You can add a banner or a pop-up sign (it is up to you). The point is to intrigue your website visitors and attracts as many people as possible to your website.

The key to success is sticking with your strategies and plan long enough until you see results. Pick your plan, stay with it and you will generate more leads that you can handle.

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